Annuals and Perennials


The Island Pride Garden Co has numerous different annuals to choose from.

Annuals will bloom all summer long and will not come back next year.

Annuals are used as a group or mixed with a perennial garden.Perfect for containers and windboxes. The specialty of the photo above, that it is a spring windowbox that can tolerate snow. It has orange calendulas, yellow pansies, and blue violas, and dianthus. This was planted May first on PEI. That is well before the last frost date, and it bloomed well into July, when it was changed up to be a summer window design.


The Island Pride Garden Company has over 300 varieties of perennials.

Perennials are planted for their blooms and the foliage color and variety of textures.

Perennials will return from year to year and spread the work load of the garden out over a longer period of time.  Usually the perennials bloom during a portion of the year, so are generally mixed with other plants to give an all season of bloom.

Some perennials are tender and do not over winter in our growing climate (zone 5) and are sold because they are wonderful to use in our gardens as annuals.

Many of the new container plants are tender perennials.        

There are two types of perennials, herbaceous and woody.  Herbaceous are like a day lily or hosta and woody is like a tree or hydrangea.  It comes back from a permenent woody structure.

 It’s all about putting the right plant in the right place.